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Efficient tax planning

Over the years, taxes have become little more than a massive set of regulations. With all the lines on all the forms, it’s no wonder so many people end up overpaying. The catch is that overpaying the government means that you’re underpaying your retirement. If you want to have enough to fund everything from healthcare to luxury travel during your golden years, you may need to work with a financial advisor.

How Does Efficient Tax Planning Work in Asheville, N.C.?

Efficient tax planning is a financial principle that looks at the long-term goals behind your assets. All that oversight is meant to allocate your resources in a way that makes the most sense for your eventual retirement.

For instance, let’s say you need to pay 20 percent in capital gains on a recent sale, but paying the full fees will significantly cramp your next investment opportunity. The right financial advisor can determine whether you’re eligible for a 1031 exchange and, if so, set up the paperwork to defer your taxes until a later date.

At Reep Wealth Planning Inc., Todd Reep helps the Western North Carolina community learn more about the tax codes that both help and hurt their finances. He also gives you a heads-up about how updates to local, state, and federal tax codes will affect your portfolio.

It would be easy to assume that your CPA is able to perform all of these essential functions when filing your taxes, but the truth is a CPA is only privy to about half the story. Even if they had the full facts in front of them, they typically only have the time to go through the nuts and bolts of your taxes. A financial advisor will look at far more than just your income levels and your returns. They’ll be able to learn more about your investment strategy, assets, and wealth, so they can steer you to a much smarter strategy. If you want your retirement to look like what you always dreamed of, Reep is here to help.

retirement income planning

When you wonder, “how much do I need to retire,” the answer will depend on how you want to live out your golden years. Yet when people talk about retirement, it’s easy to speak in generalities. Looking into your investments, accounts, and assets is difficult. Telling you to save $1 million is much simpler. However, when you only have a few token pieces of advice, retirement can feel like little more than the Great Unknown. A financial advisor can talk to you more about how retirement income planning can be the answer to your questions.

What Is Retirement Income Planning in Asheville, N.C.?

If you’re in the Western North Carolina area, retirement income planning gives you the opportunity to plan your finances in much the same way you do now. Except instead of relying on a single paycheck, you collect revenue from rental checks, part-time jobs, stock dividends, Social Security, your pensions, etc. The right combination for you by the time you reach your retirement age will depend on a few factors. For instance, not everyone will want to be a landlord, nor would they want to get a part-time job when they’d rather volunteer.

A financial advisor can show you how all of this income adds up to cover your expenses and helps safeguard the rest of your assets, so you’re less likely to have to tap into them later on. At Reep Wealth Planning, Todd Reep knows that everyone has their own plans for their retirement. At a larger retirement firm, the details of your plan is likely to get lost. While you might have more access to different products, those benefits are usually absorbed when you work with a staff who can’t grasp even your most basic preferences for your retirement.

When you ask how to plan your retirement income, consider how a boutique retirement firm can go through your portfolio with a fine-tooth comb, finding sources of income you may have missed and introducing new strategies to bump up your net worth.

wealth management

When you work your whole life to reach a certain net worth, you do so because you want to feel a degree of comfort about whatever lies ahead. When your assets work for you, you can at least relax about how you’re going to provide for you and your family.

But the reality is that wealth can also bring on more questions, especially if you have a diverse portfolio. If you have questions about how to handle all your (sometimes unwieldy) accounts, a financial advisor in Asheville, N.C., can tell you more about how to manage it all.

Wealth Management Services in Western North Carolina

In everyday conversation, wealth management may refer to clipping coupons or buying in bulk. In the financial world, wealth management relies on multiple financial principles to help you plan for retirement. From investment to estate planning, you can consolidate your efforts and cut out the inefficiencies. Of course, few people really have time to work out these strategies in detail, which is why they rely on wealth management professionals to shape their path.

If you’re liable to forget where your money is or how it’s performing, Todd Reep at Reep Wealth Planning can step in so you don’t have to fret over your profit margins. Whether you want to invest in new stocks, open a trust for your grandchildren, or reduce taxes during your retirement, you can consult with Reep about what steps to take to reach your goals.

Wealth during retirement will look different for every individual. When some use it to travel the world and others use it as little more than emergency back-up, you can imagine the range of expectations different people have when they work with a financial advisor. At a boutique retirement firm, your needs won’t be swallowed up the way they would at a larger firm. Instead of steering you down a cookie-cutter path of standard products and services, Reep will learn exactly what you want and tailor his advice from there.


When you can invest in anything from stocks to collectible toys, it’s no wonder people can feel overwhelmed as they allocate their assets. If you want to have a more comfortable retirement, it may take a little more advice and a lot more planning. A financial advisor can help you find a more streamlined path, one that gives your portfolio direction and, more importantly, stronger profit margins.

Investment in Ashville, N.C.

If you live in the Western North Carolina area, you’re likely beset by investment advice everywhere you turn. From online ads to neighbors, everywhere you turn someone has claimed that they found the answer. Of course, when the tips can range from the generic to the downright contradictory, the wealth of information may not be reassuring. The truth is that investing doesn’t have to be so confusing, but it may mean more than just diversifying your portfolio.

At Reep Wealth Planning, a boutique retirement firm, Todd Reep can tell you how to hedge your bets without scattering your resources. Too often, people end up investing in wildly disparate industries, hoping to stave off major losses. In the end, this strategy can hurt more than it helps because it results in a disorganized approach, one that can hardly keep up with the whims of fickle markets.

If you live in the Asheville area, Reep can tell you more about what’s out there. Ultimately, investing is about finding assets that you’re comfortable with, be it real estate, stocks, bonds, or cryptocurrency. Whether you want to play it safe or you feel comfortable going out on a limb, the right financial advisor will help you find a balance. Sometimes, it makes sense to venture outside your comfort zone. Other times, you’ll want to reign back your impulses. The best part of working with a boutique retirement firm is the chance to develop a real relationship with a financial partner — one who both understands your retirement goals and can find solutions to get you there.

life insurance

Like most types of insurance, life insurance is a policy that can become complicated quickly, depending on your dependents, retirement goals, and asset classes. A financial advisor helps you examine these plans through a different lens, taking you through the ins and outs of everything from the premium to the final payout.

Choosing the Best Life Insurance Policy

There are endless life insurance policies on the market, and not just from well- known carriers. Choosing the right life insurance is more than just finding a policy that checks off all the boxes. You also need to find a trustworthy and reliable company that will come through when it’s time to deliver on the benefits.

At Reep Wealth Planning, Todd Reep works with clients in Asheville and the
greater Western North Carolina area to hammer out the details. To get answers, he can walk you through the two major types of insurance: permanent and term life insurance.

With a permanent policy, you set up clauses that remain in effect for your entire lifetime. These policies are perfect for people who want to provide for their spouse, children, or grandchildren indefinitely. However, these policies can also contain a savings component, allowing you to dip into your policy during retirement (in case you stumble on a significant financial setback). It’s a fallback that can make the policyholder feel more secure as the years roll by, even if they never need to use it.

When you choose term insurance, you give your policy a stop date based on the people you’re protecting. For instance, maybe you want to provide for your youngest child until they reach the age of 25, in which case you would set up your policy to expire on that date. If the policy doesn’t need to be invoked, it simply expires and the benefits evaporate on that date. This is a practical type of life insurance, one that’s also typically far more affordable than permanent policies.

Understanding life insurance in North Carolina takes more than just a cursory glance at a few plans. Reep can lay out the facts for you, giving you more information about everything from loopholes to fine print. If you want to end up with a policy that works for you as much as it works for your family, particularly if you have ambitious retirement goals, consulting with Reep can help you put everything in order.

assets under management

Assets under management is the art of choosing and refining asset classes for each investor, factoring in everything from the investor’s relationship with risk to evolving markets. It’s a complex task, and there’s a reason why it can sometimes feel like it all comes down to chance.

The good news is that there are steps you can take to balance the risks and rewards, but you may need a little professional help to get it all done. If you’re planning for retirement, the right financial advisor can walk you through more than the motions.

Find Assets Under Management Services in Asheville, N.C.

What do you really know about the granular details of your portfolio? Do you
know which asset classes are at most risk? Whether you’re playing the market, snapping up real estate, or stockpiling bonds, no one is immune from the shifts of time. Assets under management strategies take a closer look at all of your assets, so you can make moves that protect your net wealth before it has a chance of being compromised.

As you get closer to retirement, you’ll have fewer opportunities to earn back major losses. If you’re looking for help, the right financial advisor can rescue your portfolio from potential downfall. At Reep Wealth Planning, a boutique retirement firm, Todd Reep shows his clients how to diversify without wrecking their organization. He can give you the heads-up you need about where the markets are trending, so you can adjust, offload, or capitalize on the developments.

When you choose a boutique retirement firm, you have access to a small, dedicated team. They take the time to understand your investment style, so they’re not pushing you down a path that doesn’t fit with larger retirement goals. At the same time, they can find ways to modify your approach so you’re not leaving any money on the table. If you live in Western North Carolina, your retirement rests, in part, on how well you track your assets. Make sure you have the right people watching over them.

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