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Client Realtionship Manager and Licensed Insurance Agent

Approaching twelve years in the independent financial industry; Ashlee has assumed and learned from diverse roles before landing in her two current positions: licensed financial planner and relationship oversight for our RWP clients. While the first fills an ongoing need and service to our community and particularly for those approaching and in retirement years, the latter is what gives Ashlee the greater sense of overall ‘investment’ toward the human experience! Relationships are what this business is built on, and Ashlee delights in the enrichment of getting to know and spending time with the interesting people that come our way through these seminars and in person office appointments. Previously, Ashlee worked in the financial industry as an Office Manager (Sedona, AZ), and New Money Manager (Fort Wayne, IN), both providing her pivotal experience and insight into the world of independent and comprehensive financial planning. 

Outside of the financial planning scope, Ashlee endured Bachelor of Science in Nursing at NAU (Flagstaff, AZ) while an Army ROTC Cadet, which followed by 2 years of Performing Arts training (Voice) in Prescott, AZ before embarking on a 15 year homeschool hiatus of her 5 children, now almost grown with the youngest 2 in their last years of high school. As a pint of interest, Ashlee managed a private music instruction studio in voice and piano as a side business during her homeschooling years.

For the last 10 years throughout school breaks and summers, Ashlee and Todd prioritize family time and take their kids, including adult kids, along on many mountain, beach, and historical or cultural enrichment opportunities as possible, reminding each other to value gratitude for each memory created. Ashlee is passionate about true education and responsible citizenship; began and maintains a local women’s book club; marriage to Todd; and serving her Lord and Savior Jesus Christ in her family, community, and local church. She and Todd have developed the vision and purpose of Reep Wealth Planning together since 2015, and consider themselves blessed to be work and life partners. Please don’t ask her to sing opera; it’s been too long. However, she will offer complimentary notary services at any time needed to a RWP seminar attendee or client. She hopes to get to know you personally while assisting in building a successful and long-term retirement plan that brings you as many “perfect days” as possible! 

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